Health and Wellness


1. Softness

2. Lethargy

3. Bubbly Mouth

4. Unnatural Discolorations

5. Prolapse

6. Pyramiding




Uromastyx have a very large distribution and range that spans across Central and Northern Africa to the Middle East.

Note, correlations between topography and distribution is relevant. There is usually a direct relation between topographical landform boundaries and species type. These boundaries naturally aid in the development of different colors, patterns and scalation markers between species and subspecies.

This ideology is present most notably in U. thomasi. Oman is closed from importation currently. And within the country, the species U. thomasi is highly protected. There is little natural threats to these reptiles, and little human influence on their environment compared to other species of Uromastyx.

Thomasi come from two main locations along coastal Oman, with mountainous formations separating them. On one side, green thomasi are found, while on the other side, blue thomasi are found.

Mountain formations, deserts, dunes, rivers and water formations are natural divides for the species Uromastyx.

Soft Shells


Bubbly Mouth

Unnatural Discoloration