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Comparison Sheet

Charting out all differences and experience levels needed for each species of Uromastyx available.

NOTE : A beginner Uromastyx in no way means they are a beginner reptile.


Uromastyx as a species are an intermediate reptile that you have to do something for on a daily basis. You have to keep note of behavior and body composition as much as possible. Uromastyx can crash fast with small errors in habitat. Some of the subspecies (like yemenensis) can kill themselves over stress alone.


To properly understand all of a Uromastyx needs, click here to view a basic uromastyx care sheet.

Common Name


Scientific Name







Level of Difficulty

















Terrarium Specifics



Typical Coloration





Uromastyx d. flavifasciata









Mostly even tempered and friendly. Can be lazy; obesity is a problem.

Pairing is moderate. Some are aggressive, others take to a mate




Heavy Burrowers



Mostly black, to completely black base body coloration. Could be with or without white bands, yellow bands, or orange bands. Males and females have bulges, sexing the species can be difficult.



Uromastyx nigriventris










Mostly Even tempered and friendly. Can be lazy; obesity is a problem.

Pairing can be difficult, can be agressive to each other



Heavy Burrowers



Two main colorations are available in the hobby. Orange phases can have orange, red, yellow and black markings.
Yellow phases are yellow, green, green-blue or black markings.

Both the males and females will color up, little to no sexual dimorphism.





Uromastyx aegyptia







Intermediate to Expert



Can become more anti-social with age and UV exposure.

CB animals are known to be kinder than importations




Heavy Burrowers



Yellow, yan to white body color.

Male's have solid black throats. Some females have been seen to have black modeling and speckling on the throat.



Uromastyx ornata










Usually very laid back, can be lazy.
Obesity is a problem in this species.

Females can be aggressive








Males can be a wide range of colors. Usually a base color of blue, green or both with yellow, pink, orange and red across their back.

They are sexually dimorphic; females don't color up as brightly as the males will, but may have some of the colors



Uromastyx yemenensis









Can be extremely shy and introverted; or can be extremely friendly and curious

Females can be very aggressive. Difficult to pair.







The face and lower body can be orange, pink or yellow; green or blue coloration across their chest; white and black markings along their back.

They are sexually dimorphic; females are usually tan, white and black, sometimes orange.





Uromastyx  d. maliensis









Mostly even tempered and friendly. Can be lazy

Obesity is a problem.

Pairing can be easy





Heavy Burrowers



Base color of black with yellow marks across their backs. Both the males and females color up.

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